Ambiente de testes IOT…

Manual rápido de uso...

Para enviar dados de leitura dos sensores.
A placa arduino ou similares devem enviar de tempos em tempos, para assim a página exibir os dados enviados no sistema.

Starting with Arun's favourite section of hive, updates!

Patrick spent this week setting up analytics to map "CleanPath" url's like /invoice/231232 to /invoice/show

Joschka said we saw what he's been up to in show and tell, mainly CSV changes which aren't released just yet.

Dan had "Nothing hive worthy" to talk about

Brad has "Nothing front-endy exciting" to talk about

Arun has been making progress on repeat assignments (I think - his audio cutout for a bit), though the server can't handle repeat assignments.

Lettini's mic wasn't working so we all sat in silence while he tried to fix it.

Pez has been doing yet more expense category stuff.

Patrick & Brad spoke briefly about a Backbone router issue that was fixed up last week "If the root doesn't match, no routes can match.""

Dan likes hamburger icons and linked to a SASS library that implements an animated one.

Lettini linked to an article that appears to show that hiding menu items behind a hamburger icon decreases daily engagement.

Lettini shared something about material design on the GPU, he still couldn't talk so it wasn't discussed much.

Patrick interjected to complain it was hard to keep up, he was preoccupied chatting to people on Slack so Pez decided his opinion is invalid, Brad, however agreed but said he didn't have that much to add. Pez was busy being hungry so continued.

Dan shared an app that helps you create cross-platform (except it's mac only) menubar/tray app's using HTML and JavaScript. Arun's previously experimented with a similar application called menubar with actual cross platform support for something Harvest related that didn't get anywhere.

Dan shared a baby made of CSS, go look at it. We pondered how you'd implement something like this if you actually had to do it and released there weren't that many alternatives to CSS.

Brad was happy that Ember has merged Glimmer, we've previously talked about it back on Basecamp. It does some clever things.

Presentation - Dan

Dan demo'd a small script "addr" that adds up all the numbers contained in a body of text on a website, designed to offer a more natural way to add up quotes, invoicing, timesheets etc...

Arun (and Patrick) said it reminded them of Soulver. Lettini said he would have used it when freelancing. Brad was indifferent. Pez thought it would be kinda useful, especially if it did other maths.

Next Week

Dan is MC'ing and Joschka presenting. Hopefully Dan will get everyone feeling more excited!

The After Party

with Arun, Joschka, Patrick and Pez

Joscka attempted to sell Pez & Patrick some expensive headphones. He said they were worth the price though some people found them a little heavy. We were all surprised by how much a flower monitor from the same company cost.

It was also decided that Hive will begin with compulsory stretching to wake everyone up (Calosthenics for Arun).